The Best Way to Ship Your Car Across International Borders

Car shipping vessels, also known as roll on/roll off vessels, are specifically designed for the transportation of automobiles and trucks, and are typically the preferred mode of transportation for most customers as well as automobile manufacturers when transporting their vehicles around the world. When it comes to shipping your automobile from point A to point B, the two possibilities are extremely different. Knowing which option to choose will make a significant difference in the amount of money you will spend to have your vehicle delivered.

Due to the sheer size of modern RoRo vessels, which are capable of transporting up to a mind-boggling 6,000 cars per sailing, and the ease with which the vessels can be loaded, which involves simply driving the cars up a ramp into the vessels and then parking them and securing them for the duration of the voyage, they can be compared to a floating car park.

If you have specific shipping requirements that cannot be met by RoRo shipping, container shipping may be a better option for you. This could be due to a variety of factors, including the type of vehicle you are shipping not being suited for RoRo shipping or your intended destination not permitting RoRo services to dock at the port. In addition to being allowed to transport numerous automobiles within large enough containers, you are also authorized to ship personal belongings within the vehicles that you are shipping, allowing you to avoid incurring additional shipping fees yet another time.

So, when deciding how to ship your vehicle, you must consider what you will be shipping and whether or not you will be shipping personal items with your vehicle. For the average Joe shipping their vehicle overseas, they will ship their vehicle via RoRo, which will make shipping their vehicle easier; however, for someone shipping multiple cars or who is shipping personal items with their vehicle, they will want to ship their vehicle via container, which will make shipping their vehicle easier.

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